Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm Playing the Race Card

One thing I have always been taught is to be responsible for your own actions. But this week in the news, there have been 2 stories that really taught me that I don't need to be responsible for them any more. The first was the story of Isaiah Washington. For those of you who are so disconnected from the world that you don't know who he is, he is the star from Grey's Anatomy that really likes the word fag. He called TR Knight, George, a fag one the set of the show, then used the word again behind the scenes of the Golden Globes. Washington then went to counseling and became a reformed man. But the studio hade already decided to fire him, as he was causing a disturbance with the cast. So now he has been fired, he has his own explantion:

"Well, it didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn't speak like I'd just left the plantation and that can be a problem for people sometime," he said.

Now if Knight had countered and said "You're just a dumb ignorant Nigger," we would have seen George O'Malley die some gruesome death on the next episode of Grey's. He would have been drawn and quartered by terrorists who had taken him hostage during a siege at Seattle Grace. His manhood painfully removed with a dull butter knife. But he didn't and he still has a job. Of course the man who proclaims a prejudice against gays has to call the race card because it is blatant racism. Of course it is not. But apparently, because he was fired, it was not his fault. It was the fault of the faggot Jew racist's who run Hollywood. I stand behind you Mr. Washington, and being 1/8th Negro, will proclaim that you fired because they hate the colour of your skin.

And for those of you still living under a rock, it has rained a little her in Texas over the past week. On Tuesday, a Garland boy was swept to his death and firefighters let him die. He and a friend went out to a creek in Garland to play after the rains had caused it to swell. William Griffin, 13, fell into Duck Creek and was swept of in the high fast moving water. He was able to grab hold of a bridge and hold tight until rescuers arrived to save him. Firefighters set up a rescue squad down stream to catch him if anything went wrong whiile a paramedic threw him a lifeline. The boy reached for the lifeline and lost his grip on the bridge and floated off in the high current. Firefighters downstream weren't able to catch him, and he was found a couple of miles further down dead. Now the mother of the child is saying that firefighters killed her boy.

"They are the ones that killed my son. They could have walked through that water and got my son and taken him to safety but they didn't do that," mother Tanya Griffin said.

Now I have taken water rescue classes that are taught to firefighters, and one thing they teach you in the class is that the water is moving a lot faster than you think, and do not put yourself in a situation you cannot get out of. When is it ok for us to kill 4 people to safe one? Never. But we all know, Tanya, that you are not responsible for your own children. It is the states, and televisions, responsibility. Never mind the fact that he couldn't swim and shouldn't have been close to the creek. Garland firefighters are murderers and should be punished by huge lawsuits. How dare they let him go by the creek when he can't swim and not erect safety barriers to prevent him falling in, then attempt to rescue him without risking the lifes of a whole squad of firefighters. Shame on you City of Garland. It was the fault of the faggot Jew racist's who run Garland that William perished in such an awful way.

So from now on, I am no longer taking responsibilty for my actions. Next time I get pulled over and asked why I was speeding, I will tell the cop because he is a facist donut eating pig, or if I get hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, it is the fault of Anheuser Busch for pouring their beer down my throat. From now on, nothing is my fault. William, Isaiah and I are now absolved from our actions, and so are you dear reader.

Isaiah Washington Story

William Griffin

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