Friday, December 21, 2007

Who is Father Simon, and why is he Super Priest?

Father Simon, Super Priest, is an ordained minister, and prowls the world looking for stupidity. Stupidity seems to follow Fr Simon. Sometimes he is out in the world on his own, incognito, other times you will see him with his sidekick KT, the Underaged Asian Wonder. Together, they mock stupidity while consuming beverages of intoxication. You will never see them coming, but you will feel them leave. If you were to see them on the street, you would think they were 2 normal people, but together in costume, they are legendary stupidity fighters. Fighting for the rights of normal people to peacefully exist. The posts you will read on this blog are from Fr Simon's stupidity fighting days. The ones below this post are just his ramblings, some on stupidity, some on his hatred of France.

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